The U.S. and Canada sales and distribution office is located in Pipersville, Pennsylvania.

We have hundreds and hundreds of Belly Stockings™ in stock, ready for quick shipping.

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Belly Stockings US

Piper Hill Dance

7078 Easton Rd.

Pipersville, PA   18947


About our Belly Stockings™

We have studied and listened to the needs of dancers and performers over the years and, with plenty of willing volunteers, developed and improved our designs to absolute perfection.

We are so confident that you will totally adore your body suit that if you don’t we will give you your money right back!

We have spent a great deal of time sourcing the best quality fabrics and trimmings and have tried and tested our garments in every way possible.

We currently offer Belly Stockings™ in various designs as you will see from looking in our shop. Each of these styles comes with different options.

The under bust belly stockings are designed so they may be worn with fitted dance bras. They have been carefully developed to fit snuggly under your bosom at the front.  The backs on the sleeveless stockings finish across your back where your bra strap naturally sits becoming virtually invisible under your costume.

The over bust design may be better suited to those who like a little more support in the chest area or who tend to only wear choli style tops.


Belly Stockings™ are manufactured in Nottingham, England. Our work force consists of British men and women with countless years of experience in the textiles and retail trades. Our machinists and pattern designers are highly skilled with background knowledge of the lingerie industry and, as you will see, this all reflects in the quality of our garments.                                                                                                                                 

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